Swift Rock Nixon

BirthDate: 3/25/2007
Age: 14
Sex: M

<P align=center><FONT size=5 face=Georgia><BR><BR><BR>Swift Rock Kennels has bred <STRONG><EM>Swift Rock Nixon</EM></STRONG>, a male setter out of <STRONG><EM>CH Long Gone Nixon</EM></STRONG> and <STRONG><EM>Blue Sapphire</EM></STRONG>, to <STRONG><EM>"Cotton</EM></STRONG>" a female out of<STRONG><EM> 5x CH Hard Rappen Cash</EM></STRONG>, and <STRONG><EM>4x CH Twelve O'clock Susie<BR><BR></EM></STRONG>Asking <STRONG><FONT color=#ff0000>$400.00</FONT></STRONG><BR>Call or E-mail if Interested</FONT></P>
Nixon and Cotton